How to make the body strong

The human body is a miracle. The mechanisms it is able to set in motion, to regulate and to control are very complex and multifunctional. Respiration, digestion, blood pressure, heartbeat, sweating and many more drives are controlled by the apparatuses underneath the skin. In order to keep the body strong, many people eat healthily, do some exercise, enjoy wellness trips, clean their teeth and skin every day, and do many, many more things to feel good. But sometimes, especially when the cold season begins or virus epidemics threaten people’s health, it is possible that they fall ill. In that case, their immune systems start their work. But in some cases, the immune system cannot do the job alone, and then the medical knowledge comes into play.

Helping the ill body

Some illnesses are really strong, or are even in-built in people’s genetic codes and therefore cannot be cured by the body alone. For that reason, medical progress, which has become more wide-ranging through antibody research recently, has brought forward a number of medications which are very useful to fight bacteria and viruses. Apart from that, people have developed specific treatments to cure or to improve the physical condition. There are treatments for people with inborn handicaps such as autism, allergies, and insufficiencies. These treatments can improve the living standard and prolong the life time in general.


After a treatment, it is usually the case that people take some time off from work because the body has to find a balance and a natural rhythm again. Within this period, it is necessary to sleep well, to eat well and to do some easy exercise like walking in order to train the muscles and the lungs. And after that, people will definitely feel brand-new.

Though many people have been claiming for long that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a very important tool for curing anti aging, but the term has been made popular by none other than Michael Jackson. Actual aging can come to a human body from the stress a person can give to his or her body.

The main culprits of anti aging are drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Many people are unaware of the fact that these substances cause a lot of harm to the human body. Tobacco can reduce the lifespan of a person by 15% and the last years of the person will be very much painful. He will be suffering from cancer, heart attack, infections, etc. All these complications can also cause premature aging in a person. The neurological functions get disturbed and the disease is known as dementia.

On receiving such wounds, the resistance power of the body gets reduced to a great extent and the lifespan of the person starts getting reduced gradually. Such wounds are mainly recorded in the brain and can be detected by conducting SPECT and PET test. The affected areas of the brain can be seen to have less blood flow and hence less oxygenation. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy has shown that these wounds can be easily repaired and the patient is expected to improve neurologically and also behaviorally.

In our daily life, we can see that our body gets exposed to pollution like polluted air, food, automobile exhaust in the environment, chemicals, food additives, vaccines, etc. Due to such exposure most people nowadays are suffering from premature aging and to live longer, people are spending huge money on medicines. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments can be a very effective tool for all these people as they can live a long and healthier life in the later years.

Since the blood contains oxygen, many people are of the opinion that oxygen contains a huge amount of antioxidants. In the process of Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, oxygen chambers are widely used. With the help of these oxygen chambers, pure oxygen is supplied to the bloodstream and to the vital organs including the muscles in different portions of the body. Once the muscle tissues get full with oxygen, they are able to infuse blood cells containing pure oxygen. Collagen, saturated with oxygen, remains deposited in the body and this development can be well used as an anti-aging tool. These hyperbaric chambers can deliver oxygen, which is pressurized to different body parts during the course of the treatment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy treatments have been given wide recognition by the Food and Drug Administration and it has been considered as an alternate therapy for many types of diseases, mostly anti-aging. People coming out of the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber have stated that they are feeling a fresh dose of life, since the entire oxygen supplied to his body is absolutely pure. Patients have remarked that they are feeling younger and fresh after completing this unique alternative treatment. It really helps to increase the life span of a person to a great extent.

Once the oxygenated particles in the blood increases to a great extent, they help a lot in the healing and repairing of the damaged cells which have been caused by aging. Experts say that free radicals are controlled by pure oxygen and the cells are destroyed in turn at the molecular level.

A dementia patient needs supervision for treatment for the whole day and he may face institutionalization. He was given two months of HBOT therapy and it was seen that after two months he was able to live a normal, independent life and that physical and mental state of the person continued to remain for four long years. As a result, HBOT was able to prolong the life of the patient and reduce his anti aging features.

After implementing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment on the stroke patients of Russia, it was observed that the chance of recurring strokes decreased a lot on the patients. It was seen that HBOT helped to improve the inside lining of blood vessels. It also helps to grow new blood vessels in the tissue and have got the ability to suppress detoxification and inflammation also. Now-a-days, it can be seen that most of our chronic diseases occur from inflammation. Since HBOT can control the inflammation, most of the chronic diseases are expected to go after taking HBOT treatment.

A lot of these factors of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment results in preventing the anti-aging process in the person as a whole. Known as Oxygen Revolution, it has got far reaching consequences as far controlling the anti aging process in human is concerned.

Now what will happen if a person stays in a pure, no pollution environment? In that case, HBOT will help in making the normal process of aging quite slower. In cases of normal anti aging process, HBOT will act as a catalyst for growth of genes that stimulate growth and are able to repair hormones. In a nutshell, HBOT can also have an effect on the DNA.

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is also used to develop the immune defense mechanism of the body. Athletes use this method to a great extent to regenerate the cells in the different muscles of the body during their training or practice sessions. It has been seen that after Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy cells get regenerated in various body parts and it can play a great role in preventing the anti-aging process. Many stroke patients have also confessed that they are feeling extremely better after taking Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment. The fresh flow of oxygen helps the different parts of the body to get repaired and the patient can regain their memory loss which may happen from any form of stroke or any form of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.
People who want to remain younger and be active in life will spend more time in the Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers. These chambers can be availed at a monthly rental basis or the entire unit can be purchased outright.

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Health insurance has been a huge, controversial and derisive issue as of late. In the United States, health insurance has been around in some form or another for a very long time. Only recently has health insurance become something mandated as a basic human right.

Today, most people who have health insurance get through their employer or place of business- and the health insurance they get from their employer tends to be in one of two forms: either the health maintenance organization (HMO) insurance policy or the preferred providers organization (PPO) insurance policy.

What to Choose?

Since health insurance plans tend to be operated through an employer, it is very common for people to get the HMO and PPO health insurance plans confused, but there are some slight differences, benefits and disadvantages with each type. It depends on what the person is looking for in order to determine which type of health insurance plan will work best for them.

HMO Basics

Health maintenance organization plans tend to involve a person receiving all of their health care needs from a primary network provider. A network provider is a conglomeration of health service providers that all work together to give patients their health care. A network is made up of various pharmacies, hospitals, contractors, clinics, x-ray specialists, test labs, medical equipment vendors and every other health-related service imaginable.

HMOs require a person to select one primary health care provider, and thus limit a person’s selections to only a select few health care providers in their area. The primary care physician will coordinate all of the health care services for their patients.

The primary care physician is the basic health doctor for the person and their family, who may be listed on the health care policy also. The primary care physician can be a specialist in any type of medical area, and in some HMOs, a gynecologist can be the primary care physician depending on the employer’s health care policy. For children that may be listed as a dependent on the health insurance policy, a pediatrician can be selected as their primary care physician.

Under an HMO, a person must receive a referral from their primary care physician before seeking any specialized treatment than cannot be done by the primary care physician. If a referral is not received from a primary care physician, the person will likely have to pay all of the costs out of their own pocket.

PPO Basics

A PPO operates in many of the same ways as an HMO, but the PPO health insurance plans tend to allow a person more choices when it comes to their primary care physician and their network. This is because a PPO offers a list of “preferred” networks to choose from, but the person does not necessarily have to choose from that list if they do not want to.

Also, under a PPO, the person does not need to choose a primary care physician and does not require a referral in order to seek specialized health care. Under a PPO, the person is only responsible for paying an annual deductible payment and a copayment on their doctor visit. A copayment is a portion of a payment that is split between the patient and the health care provider.

However, if the person gets care that is not on the preferred list of providers, they will have to pay a higher amount out of pocket for the services. The PPO also requires that a payment to a non-preferred healthcare provider will have to pay upfront to the doctor from the patient out of pocket, and then the patient can file for reimbursement of the payment, or a portion of the payment, later.

This can sometimes happen when dealing with specific kinds of therapy or a detox service which is not listed as a preferred provider – it’s always a good idea to make sure before going to any appointments.

A third type of health insurance is far less prevalent than the other two forms, which is called a point of service (POS) health insurance plan. The POS form of a health insurance plan is essentially a combination of both the HMO and PPO health insurance provider policies. It’s a good idea to ask your employer if such a plan is available when evaluating your options.

One of the most common injuries for which people seek help from physical therapists is the ubiquitous “sprained ankle.” Almost everyone has experienced this painful wrenching of the tendons supporting the ankle bones at some time or another. A sprained ankle can cause a patient to be unable to run or walk for a period of time, or may cause serious pain when engaged in everyday activity.

While not life-threatening, a sprained ankle seriously limits a person’s ability to lead a normal life. Fortunately, one of the best treatments available for sprained ankles is also one of the easiest to use and least invasive—the hyperbaric chamber.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers work so well that several major sports teams have installed them in their locker rooms. According to simple gas laws, in order to increase solubility, or absorption, of a gas such as oxygen, pressure must be increased. Hyperbaric means “high pressure,” and the chamber works by raising the air pressure around the patient, forcing higher levels of oxygen to be absorbed by the blood plasma and in turn pushing the oxygen deep into the injured tissues.

The effects of the hyperbaric chamber can be truly astounding. While proponents admit it does not heal injuries which will not otherwise mend on their own, it does speed up the rate at which these injuries heal naturally. Some sprained ankles which would take ten days to heal without hyperbaric treatment heal in five days with the inclusion of hyperbaric therapy.

Best of all, hyperbaric treatment does not hurt or injure a patient in any way. In fact, it is common for patients to enjoy this type of therapy. A patient sits in a comfortable chair inside a large box, wearing an oxygen mask, as the pressure is slowly increased.

The patient does not feel the pressure increase at all and may read, listen to music, or sleep as the procedure continues. Most hyperbaric pressure treatments for sprained ankles are given once a day for 90 minutes per session, followed by other physical therapy activities such as gentle stretching.

As long as hyperbaric treatment is administered properly by trained medical personnel, the risks are almost non-existent. Of course, extreme high pressure should be avoided, and hyperbaric treatments should always be supervised by a physical therapist or other medical expert familiar with this type of treatment.

Physical therapists note that anyone with severe sinus inner-ear problems or who suffer from claustrophobia should not be subjected to hyperbaric treatment, as high pressure and enclosed spaces could aggravate the symptoms of these issues. However, as long the pressure is kept at “two bars,” or the amount a diver would experience at 33 feet below sea level, no adverse side effects have been noted in healthy patients.

While treating an ankle sprain using a hyperbaric chamber, it’s a little more complicated and expensive then simply treating your sprained ankle at home – to learn more about how fast you can expect to recover, click over to our website to learn more – we’d be happy to help you recover faster so you can get back to what’s important in your life.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, refers to the breathing of pure oxygen in an environment with a higher than normal atmospheric pressure. It can be used to treat a number of health problems such as decompression sickness, serious infections, bubbles of air in a patient’s blood vessels, and injuries resulting from diabetes or radiation exposure that haven’t responded to any other treatments.

In normal conditions, the Earth’s atmosphere exerts approximately 15 pounds per square inch of pressure at sea level. This is generally lower when one reaches higher altitudes. A human being in these atmospheric conditions breathes in approximately 20 percent oxygen and 80 percent nitrogen. Patients who undergo HBOT are placed in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber or other specialized room in which they are exposed to an atmosphere of pure oxygen at up to twice the Earth’s normal atmosphere. The lungs of a patient in these conditions can receive three times more oxygen than they would under normal conditions. Oxygen naturally dissolves in the bloodstream, and the oxygen rich blood that results from this therapy stimulates the body to release growth substances and stem cells. These in turn promote healing.

Disorders Treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The tissues of the human body require oxygen to function, and any tissue that is damaged requires a greater supply of oxygen in order to heal. Serious injuries and conditions can have a negative effect on the body’s natural blood oxygen level, but hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the concentration of oxygen in the blood back to normal levels to enable damaged tissues to resume their normal functions much more quickly.

While hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not new, doctors and educators at physical therapist schools have only recently begun to understand how useful the therapy can be in treating certain medical disorders. Some medical conditions that have been treated with HBOT include:

·         Arterial gas embolisms, or gas bubbles in the bloodstream

·         Decompression sickness in divers, also known as the bends

·         Thermal burns

·         Poisoning from carbon monoxide and cyanide

·         Cerebral Edema

·         Gangrene

·         Infections that can cause tissue death

·         Severe anemia

In addition to these acute conditions, HBOT has also proven effective in treating autism, arthritis, cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal ulcers, and a number of allergies.

Research has also shown that HBOT may be effective in aiding in the rehabilitation of stroke victims. Studies of the effects of HBOT on 265 stroke patients in 11 hyperbaric centers have shown significant and steady improvement of symptoms as each patient underwent 30 one hour sessions of HBOT. 30 one hour sessions is normally not considered adequate treatment, yet most of these patients showed significant improvement throughout the study.

While hyperbaric oxygen therapy is by no means a new treatment, doctors and health professionals have only recently begun to see the many benefits associated with it. As with any medical procedure, there are risks involved such as oxygen toxicity, temporary nearsightedness and middle ear injuries. Still, research has shown that there could be significant benefits to utilizing HBOT for more patients.

Sources: is a site dedicated to helping students find information on physical therapist salary, physical therapy careers and schools that offer training in all aspects of therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygenation can repair and restore damaged brain

Below is testimony on Dr. Paul Harch’s presentation on “The Impact of Hyperbaric Medicine on Government Health Care, Disability and Education Expenditures” which was brought before the Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Subcommittee Of the Committee on Appropriations, United States House of Representatives.

“The Impact of Hyperbaric Medicine on Government Health Care, Disability and Education Expenditures”
The International Hyperbaric Medical Association Paul Harch, M.D. President

Before the Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Subcommittee Of the Committee on Appropriations, United States House of Representatives May 2, 2002

Chairman Regula, Mr. Obey, and distinguished members of this committee, I am Dr. Paul Harch, President of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association, and a resident of Louisiana. Bob Livingston was my Congressman. Two years ago, Mr. Istook of Oklahoma started the Hyperbaric Oxygen Initiative at the National Institutes of Health. Many of his constituents have become my patients, one of whom I will present today for the first time in a public setting.
We were all taught that brain cells don’t regenerate. Four years ago, NIH announced to this panel that medicine had been in error all of these years and challenged the medical community to begin searching for a way to do so. Hyperbaric Medicine has been repairing brain injuries right here in America for 30 years, but no one would look at it because everyone “knew” that it was not possible.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) involves the delivery of $7 worth of oxygen in a pressurized environment created by a chamber. Some of these chambers are the size of this table, and others are the size of a small room. The pressure serves to saturate the tissues of the body, not only the hemoglobin in the blood, but the plasma, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid, all of which go many places that hemoglobin cannot reach, especially in cases of traumatic injury. The average treatment takes 1 to 1 ½ hours and Medicare reimburses at $75 per ½ hour of treatment, plus a $35 physician attendance fee.
Bob Moffitt, Director of Domestic Policy at the Heritage Foundation said, “Congress should authorize an intensive evaluation of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with a view in order to determine its cost effectiveness and its contributions to high quality care.” It is in the federal government’s financial interest to do so.
I know you have many conflicting priorities Mr. Chairman, and Ms. Pelosi has often said this committee’s decisions often involve “the lambs eating the lambs.” Unlike many who have testified before the committee, I am not here asking for more money, I’m here to save you money. In the words of one distinguished public health official, “zillions of dollars.” This money could be used to fund other pressing priorities and even return some to the taxpayers.
Let me give you a few examples.
40% of my practice is neurologically injured children. You would consider them IDEA children, who cost on average, 2.1 times as much to educate as a non-injured child. There are 6.548 million IDEA children in the nation, and this year the President has asked for a budget of $8.5 billion to pay for 18 percent of the obligations of the federal government to the states. These children are costing the state’s educational system $47 billion, for a total of $55.7 billion. On average, nationally, they cost $8,510 more per year to educate than a “normal” child. Many cannot learn due to their injuries.
The therapy I am here discussing would cost an average, one time expenditure of between $7,000 and $14,000 for most children treated long after the injury, the cost of educating them for a year or two. The effects would be permanent and last throughout their lifetime. For many of these children, if they had been treated immediately upon injury, the costs drop to often less than $1,000. [Pages 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, 17]
Many of these children have neurological injuries that affect their motor skills, learning, speech, etc. They are children injured in birth trauma, accidents, child abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, maternal drug use, or other such events.
Current practice deals with the brain that is still there and tries to re-train it. The therapy we are discussing has effectively recovered and rebuilt brain tissue through reactivation of stunned tissue, revascularization and, possibly, stimulation of adult stems cells in the brain to repair existing neural pathways and grow new ones.
Follow many of these children into adulthood, and you discover that many wind up in prison, on welfare, Social Security Disability, in long-term care facilities at state or insurance company expense or become a drain on the system in some other fashion. Many of these children suffering from Mental Retardation or Developmental Disabilities, when they grow to adulthood, cost, on average, $43,000 per year in group home or institutional settings. (3.8 million, 59% under 17, 38% between 17 & 64).
My hyperbaric medical practice has demonstrated that nearly all of these children can be helped, including many with genetic disorders, and many, many, can lead full, normal and productive lives. This is something current medical practices cannot provide for most of them. [Page 9]
I also serve as a prison physician, and can tell you that many prisoners suffer from a neurological injury incurred prior to incarceration and seizure disorders secondary to
those injuries. The injury often drives their violent and irrational behavior. The Department of Justice has reported that up to 20% of the inmates report some type of mental impairment. In New Orleans, Louisiana we have a substantial number of our 7,500 inmates in our prison population with seizure disorders. Many ore have experienced head trauma. [Page 13]
Hyperbaric medicine significantly affects other areas of your committee. For example, in patients with diabetic foot wounds, hyperbaric oxygen has been shown to decrease major amputations by over 75%. There are currently 54,000 amputees on the Social Security Disability Income or SSI roles, at an average cost of $8,467 per year. Many of these amputations could have been prevented through acute and chronic treatment of their medical condition with Hyperbaric Oxygen prior to amputation. Congressman Istook’s Deaconess Wound Care Center has less than a 1% amputation rate for those who receive Hyperbaric Treatment. CMS is deciding in 90 days whether amputations or treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen is more cost effective. All of the other major insurance companies, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield already pay for diabetic wound treatment.
In addition, the latest JAMA article on heart by-pass surgery showed that 30% of those undergoing this procedure have residual brain damage, which could be largely solved by a single $225 Hyperbaric treatment. Further treatments applied under a surgical protocol could possibly heal patients between 25% and 50% faster, concurrently reducing costs to the insurance company, the government, malpractice insurance and physicians time and fees. The Navy has applied HBOT to fractures and returned many soldiers to duty who would have otherwise been discharged from service, saving the VA hundreds of thousands over the life of a veteran.
In the year 2000, the government spent 5.5 billion Medicare dollars on strokes, or $3,169 per patient, with little hope of full recovery. Hyperbaric medicine, especially acute treatment, cost effectively offers many such hope. Even chronic stroke patients can experience significant improvement in function and quality of life. [Pages 11, 12]
Social Security disability currently has 61,500 brain injured people on the Disability or SSA roles at a cost of $8,459 per person per year. Many of these people could be returned to full and productive lives.
One of Mr. Istook’s constituents is the first person to start the true return from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. I know the Committee has great interest in this dread disease. [Page 7]
Let me illustrate what I’m talking about with real, live patients. I believe it will demonstrate what I am discussing today.
(Handout provided with this testimony)
Page 4: Acute & Chronic Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury & Coma – 19 year old male
Page 5: Traumatic Brain Injury and Substance Abuse – 23 year old male
Page 6: Traumatic Brain Injury – 23 year old female
Page 7: Alzheimer’s Disease – 58 year old male
Page 8: Physical Abuse & Rape – 21 year old female
Page 9: Mental Retardation – 44 year old male
Page 10: Cerebral Palsy – 8 year old male
Page 11: Stroke – 60 year old male
Page 12: Alcoholism and Stroke – 68 year old male
Page 13: Substance Abuse – 19 year old male
Page 14: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – 51 year old female
Page 15: Shaken Baby – 6 month old female
Page 16: Gun Shot Wound to the Brain – 29 year old female
Page 17: Autism – 3 year old female
Page 18: Traumatic Brain Injury from Child Abuse – 48 year old male

I would encourage you to fully support Mr. Istook’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Initiative language (attached), and encourage the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Health Resources Services Administration, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the Social Security Administration and others to get the word out that $7 worth of oxygen, delivered at pressure, will save money, save lives, and improve the quality of life for millions of Americans, and provide hope to many who live lives of quiet desperation.
I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions the committee has.
Representative Ernest Istook, Report Language for National Institutes of Health, FY 2003
Hyperbaric Oxygen Initiative

In accordance with report language from the Committee in previous years, the Office of the Director is encouraged to coordinate a Hyperbaric Oxygen research initiative in coordination with the International Hyperbaric Medical Association, the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, and the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society.

The NIH is encouraged to work with these three groups to examine widespread use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for various manifestations of reperfusion injury, such as in organ transplantation, limb reattachment, and before and after surgical procedures involving tourniqueting of extremities: peripheral arterial bypass procedures, amputations, orthopedic procedures, plastic surgery procedures, flap and graft procedures, etc. Investigation of this treatment for hemorrhagic shock, multiple trauma injury and multiple trauma crush injury is also indicated based upon animal and clinical research already conducted.

Such an initiative should also include the examination of the results of a single before and after hyperbaric treatment for surgery patients. The treatment of surgery patients in this manner could result in significant cost reductions and both long-term and short-term results should be examined.

In addition, the International Hyperbaric Medical Association has extensive expertise in the use of hyperbaric oxygen treatment for acute, subacute, and chronic brain injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, toxic brain injury, brain injuries from substance abuse, air embolism, dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease), carbon monoxide poisoning, pediatric neurological injury (which would include autism, cerebral palsy, and multiple other childhood neurological disorders), and the broad spectrum of neurological disease.

The office of the director is encouraged to work with researchers from this association to explore the short- and long-term cost reduction impact of low-pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy for these chronic disabling neurological conditions. In addition, the office of the director is requested to explore the cost-saving potential and improved efficiency of single hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments before and after cardiac surgery which involves heart-lung bypass, and hyperacute hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the entire group of brain injuries that follow global ischemia and anoxia and which are characterized by reperfusion injury. This group of brain injuries includes near-drowning, near-hanging, cardiac arrest, electrocution, suffocation, anesthesia anoxia, perinatal brain injuries (resuscitation at birth, birth apnea, etc.), and other acute brain injuries resulting from cessation and subsequent resumption of cerebral blood flow. The initiative should examine both the clinical applications of these methods and the underlying mechanisms of action taking place as a result of this inexpensive treatment.
The NIH Director is encouraged to coordinate this initiative across all the appropriate institutes.

Paul G. Harch, M.D. is an emergency and hyperbaric medicine physician who graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, Irvine in 1976, with a Bachelor of Science in biology, and subsequently, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1980 with an M.D. He completed two years of general surgery training at the University of Colorado, one year of Radiology at LSU School of Medicine, New Orleans, and has worked 17 years in hospital-based emergency medicine and 15 years of hyperbaric and diving medicine. His primary interests have been brain decompression sickness and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) based /SPECT brain imaging indexed neuro rehabilitation.

Essentially, HBOT is the use of greater than atmospheric pressure oxygen as a drug to treat basic disease processes and their diseases. In chronic wounding the drug effect is one of signal induction of DNA to stimulate trophic repair processes. This has its greatest utility in shallow perfusion gradient wounds, such as non-healing extremity or radiation wounds. Dr. Harch adapted these concepts and the dose of oxygen to successfully apply HBOT to hypometabolic tissue and shallow perfusion gradient wounds in the central nervous system. This neurological application resulted from Dr. Harch’s seminal experience re-treating demented divers months after their initial hyperbaric treatment and clinical plateau.
Dr. Harch has presented his findings at multiple scientific meetings and stimulated similar work at a variety of medical centers throughout the United States, including Long Beach Memorial Hospital in California, Scottsdale Memorial Hospital in Arizona, University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, University of Nebraska, Cornell/New York Hospital, Nassau County Hospital, Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia, and others. Hundreds of patients have been evaluated and treated in New Orleans and thousands more across the country using Dr. Harch’s protocol, which is derived and slightly modified from the original protocol of Dr. Richard Neubauer in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida. Dr. Harch confirmed the human experience in an animal model of chronic traumatic brain injury in 1996. The results were replicated in January, 2001 in a larger number of rats with more powerful statistics. This experience is generating increasing interest and spawning controlled clinical trials.

In 1999 Dr. Harch co-authored three chapters in the 3rd edition of K.K. Jain’s Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine on HBOT in Global Ischemia, Anoxia, and Coma, HBOT and SPECT brain imaging techniques, and HBOT in Emergency Medicine.
SPECT brain scans of a number of his patients are featured in these chapters as well as in the appendix of the 2nd edition.
Dr. Harch is especially concentrating on and exploring the effects of low-pressure HBOT in cerebral palsy, pediatric neurological conditions, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse, and toxic brain injury. Over 180 children and 320 adults have been treated as of April 2002 with encouraging results. As a result of his work, Dr. Harch has been recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the Untied States on hyperbaric oxygen therapy for neurological applications. He is the national coordinator and co-principal investigator of the HOTFAST (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Acute Stroke Trial) and just completed a study on SPECT brain imaging in toxic brain injury. In July, 2001 he was elected the first President of the newly-formed International Hyperbaric Medical Association.

Dr. Harch and the International Hyperbaric Medical Association receive no federal grant funds. As the President of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association, he has had extensive contact with various Federal and State agencies including the Food and Drug Administration, the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the National Institutes of Health on hyperbaric medicine treatment applications and policy.

For additional information, PDF file on the SPECT brain scans relating to this testimony (with 16 case histories and before/after scans), and information on how to become a member of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association, please go to Hyperbaric Medical Association. The IHMA represents not only physicians, technicians, and researchers but parents, caregivers, and the general public, We need your support and with YOUR help effective hyperbaric treatment can be brought to those who truly need it; whether it be chronic or acute treatment. Let’s help those in need now and prevent future chronic problems by treating with hyperbarics at the time of injury. It could be your spouse, child, or grandchild that oxygen saturation technology using hyperbarics will save next. The business plan is geared towards Research, Training, Treatment, Information, and changing the face of medicine. Please join and help us accomplish this goal.

Thank you.

Paul Harch M.D., President Anita W. Duncan, Executive Director International Hyperbaric Medical Association & Foundation

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT, as it is better known as, is gaining tremendous popularity for curing autism these days. In the earlier phases of its inception, people had difficulty understanding the importance of this revolutionary technique or therapy. Now it has been regarded as one of the most efficient treatment of different kinds of traumas and Autism.
So first of all let us try to figure out what essentially this HBOT is. If we take the etymology of the word Hyperbaric, we can say that it is composed of two words- Hyper and Baric. The first one means “incremented” and the latter one is related to “pressure”. In this therapy 100% pure oxygen is delivered to the body, at the pressure levels which are higher than the atmospheric pressures. This pure oxygen is absorbed by the tissues in an excellent way and thus this pure oxygen helps the medications and antibiotics to work in a much improved manner. The WBCs are also charged up, so that they can fight infections in a better way.
Importance of HBOT for Treating Autism:
It has been found in studies that developing brains have an aversion for oxygen free radicals as these radicals destroy the brain cells. However, there are certain antioxidants in the body which help to balance the concentration of these radicals by attaching to them. In Autistic children the levels of these antioxidants are alarmingly low.
Now when 100% pure oxygen is delivered to the autistic children, it stimulates the formation of superoxide dismutase which happens to be one of the most useful antioxidants which the body produces. The free oxygen radicals are balanced out by this SOD.
What is the Treatment Like?
The pictures available online, which show the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are a bit scary and can adversely affect the decision of caring parents who have decided to opt for this therapy for the treatment of their child. However, the process is not complicated. At times children find it exciting to spend time in the space shuttle like HBOT chamber. The treatment usually takes around an hour. For this period the patient is made to lie in the HBOT chamber and 100% oxygen is delivered to the patient. Throughout this process, the pressure is increased in a gradual way and after one hour decompression takes place and the patient is taken out of the chamber.
All this while the patient can watch TV or he/she can talk to the near and dear ones. He can take a nap or read a book. it is mentioned here that the treatment does not hamper the normal activities of the patient. Also, the chamber is provided with all round vision, so that patient does not feel claustrophobic.
How Efficient the Treatment is:
HBOT is used for many conditions which include Cerebral Palsy, Sickle cell anemia, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke. There are more than 100 conditions in which the HBOT treatment is implemented. Now we come to the question of treating Autism with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
It would have been great if this could be declared that “YES, HBOT WORKS FOR ALL”, but as with every therapy and treatment there are some who support this treatment and some who do not. The most fundamental principle of free radicals and their elimination by 100% pure Oxygen is 100% true. Scientifically speaking, this principle makes sense, but again, the success rate of the treatment depends on the body chemistry of the child. However, the treatment has been found to be beneficial for many patients around the globe. So, the treatment can be treated as a silver lining and can be definitely given a try.

With each passing day, science is coming up with different ways and methods to cure the different types of illnesses and the diseases of the sick across the world. Amongst all these new types of treatments, which are being discovered globally, there are quite a number of treatments, which are still in their infant stage. As in, these treatments are yet to be discovered totally and their use and advantage has to be practically used in all the probable fields in order to see and judge their effectiveness. The hyperbaric oxygen treatment is exactly just this type of project or a kind of treatment, which has been found to be quite effective in treating a wide number of diseases with some really good results. The improvement which some people have shown after having Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is encouraging. People who like to take good care of themselves, who take out life insurance like and have some sort of injury, may want to consider this treatment.

This kind of treatment has been used widely mostly in the United States of America. Since this kind of treatment is a very recent discovery its complete use and its complete capability is yet unknown to some extent. Thus, it is being used in the treatment of only a very few sick people with a kind of disease, which has appeared to be quite adaptable to this form of treatment.

Scientific researchers have shown globally that this form of treatment is not only helpful in treating different forms of illness or diseases only but also helps in treating various forms of wounds and injuries.
The United States Food and Drug Administration department studies have shown that quite a number of doctors across the country have used the hyperbaric oxygen treatment to treat quite a number of basic illnesses and injuries such as poisoning caused due to carbon monoxide, various types of injuries caused due to the crushing of bones and the muscles and coma.

The doctors who have used this technology for the afore-mentioned diseases and injuries say that this process is almost hundred percent effective as far as its treatment is concerned on the patients. It might take quite a lot of time to help show the recovery happening, but over a span of time definitely yields positive results.

Doctors say, that in this kind of a treatment more than sufficient quantity of oxygen is passed through the injured, damaged or the affected portion of the sick person or the patient, this helps in easing and comforting the cells present in that particular area. It also helps in boosting the cell regeneration process all together thus trying to make up with the lost cells along with the damage caused to them.

Dr. Suzanne Swearengen proves the effectiveness of the hyperbaric oxygen treatment by giving the example of one of her patients called Abby Dorn. Abby was pregnant with triplets. Over a span of time she ended up developing some kind of severe complications, which after the birth turned out to be quite devastation. She over a span of time ended up losing her mental abilities as her brain was severely damaged. She also ended up reaching a stage where she could hardly talk to anyone. To heal her, Dr. Suzanne advised her family to let her take up regular sessions of the hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Abby’s family members along with her doctor have confirmed that there has been a positive effect on her ever since she has started taking up this treatment. The doctors say that her brain cell regeneration speed and quality has become a lot more efficient as well as her rest of the body functions are normalizing with each passing day.

The hyperbaric oxygen treatment also has its own sets of disadvantage. Patients taking treatment regularly can get susceptible to toxicity and fatigue.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a type of treatment by which pure oxygen is supplied to the body at a pressure which is higher than the normal one. This therapy seemed to do wonders in patients who have been suffering from some form of brain damage. Many cases have being reported which shows children or kids suffering from cerebral palsy or any form of brain damage getting cured after taking few doses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The children were found to be walking or talking normally after some time.

Though hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been widely used in fast healing of wounds, many people have raised doubt about its effectiveness in treatment of neurological diseases. Some portion of the medical fraternity still feels that the therapy is a foolish concept and people unnecessarily spend money behind this therapy which has got no scientific medical base.

A woman named Julie Gordon has stated that her daughter was brain damaged from the time of birth and used to walk and behave like a toddler till she was 25 years old. After receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy she started improving and her autistic behavior went on to be missing.

She says that she has also seen more similar cases where children have been cured of rare neurological diseases like a 6 year old walking after taking few therapy treatments. Parents of those children have formed the International Hyperbaric Medical Association to propagate that it is a genuine therapy, but not a hot air to earn some fast money and then vanish.

Even some insurance companies were not willing to cover the treatment at one point of time. Parents of the benefited children decided to go to the court and the judiciary gave the verdict in their favor. A law has been enacted in Texas which states that hyperbaric oxygen therapy applied on children has to be covered by the insurance companies. Son of an Oklahoma Congressman got immense benefits after taking the therapy and after that, he has started pushing the matter up to the federal level.
Seeing the rise in demand, many small centers have started coming up in different parts of the country and they claim to give the therapy quite well. But in actual reality, if the oxygen is not given at the designated pressure, it may cause harm to the patient. This sudden springing up of centers has become an area of concern for the mainstream therapy people at large. There are around 500 centers for hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the country right now and more are lined up to open.

To see the improvement in a person, at least 20 sessions are required and each session is supposed to cost $100 to $200 per hour. In most cases, discounts are given for multiple sessions. If the case is found to be serious, about 100 sessions may be required for the treatment.

Medical experts who are against this therapy is of the opinion that the therapy works only for those who have got some problems from excess carbon dioxide in the body. The consequences are basically lung problems and patients who suffer from emphysema, respiratory problems or any sort of heart disease can be treated with more supply of oxygen in their body.
Some medical cases are so complicated that it is impossible for them to diagnose the exact effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on them. They also state that many people have continued to suffer for years and then died since the carbon dioxide from the body was not removed.

From listening to both the views, it is quite evident that both have got their school of thought to believe. The failure of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not exactly the methodology, but the persons behind it. Though some people claim that they are expert in giving hyperbaric oxygen therapy, but in real life it can be seen that not all of them are experts in the field. Oxygen therapy can be given to the patients in a wide variety of ways and one must know that quite efficiently.

Actually, experts say that if liquid oxygen is injected in a particular way into the body, then the oxygen can go inside the body quite fast and effectively. Some kits are also available in the market which helps the patient to take the therapy on their own. If the patient is not efficient enough to do the therapy, then it may cause adverse effect on the health. If taken in the hands of an expert, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is bound to do wonders.

Oxygen or ozone therapy is a medical practice by which ozone, hydrogen peroxide or oxygen is put into the body to kill the micro-organisms. The medium used in the process is either water or gas and the basic intention is to improve the cellular function of the different muscles of the body. In the process, the damaged tissues will also get healed up and the healthy cells will remain in the body and can multiply more easily. If the tissues are loaded with high level of oxygen, the viruses and bacteria will get killed and the defective tissues will also not exist any more. If a person takes oxygen or ozone therapy it can be seen that the immune system of the person increases to a great extent.

Medical experts have suggested that ozone is very important to the human body. It is a form of oxygen and is a form of toxic gas which can help in formation of free radicals and these radicals do just the opposite function of antioxidant vitamins. In the process, ozone can deactivate many foreign bacteria and viruses in the human body.

Oxygen therapy was first used in 1879 and ozone therapy was first used to treat patients in the year 1915. Since 1950, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has started becoming popular. By this method, oxygen is supplied to the human body at a pressure more than the air pressure. Ozone treatment was widely used by the Germans during the war to treat the wounds of the patients.
You will be amazed to know that there are many benefits of ozone and oxygen therapies on the human body. First, it will stimulate the production of white blood cells in the body. The combination of ozone and hydrogen peroxide will kill the viruses in the body. As the viruses get killed, the body will be relieved of many diseases in the long run. Since the process involves supply of purest oxygen to the body, there is a tremendous improvement in the supply of oxygen from the blood stream to the various muscles and hence tissues of the body.

This method of oxygen and ozone therapy can help a lot in fighting the body against cancer and many other infections. In fact, this therapy was first used by the German doctors for the treatment of cancer patients only. Once a patient takes this therapy, the production of interferon and tumor necrosis factor increases in the body and it really helps the body in fighting of cancer.

The list of benefits of oxygen and ozone therapy does not end here. It improves the efficiency of antioxidant enzymes in the body and once the body starts getting more efficient antioxidants, many chronic diseases move out of the body. Moreover, the efficiency and flexibility of the membranes of the red blood cells increases to a great extent after taking a few doses of this therapy.

Oxygen and ozone therapy improves the citric acid cycle of the body. If this cycle improves, the basic metabolism of the body is expected to increase to a great extent. Another popular oxygen therapy is known as Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. This therapy, known as HBOT in short is being used for a long time, but it was made more popular by pop superstar Michael Jackson. HBOT is performed by keeping the person in a closed chamber. The pressure in the chamber is increased and then pure oxygen is delivered. We breathe the oxygen through our lungs and it gets dissolved in the blood to get distributed in the body.

If we take hyperbaric oxygen, our body gets exposed to 100 to 300% of pure oxygen and it is almost 15 times the oxygen that we have in our air. Since the oxygen is supplied at a higher pressure hemoglobin gets quickly saturated with the supplied oxygen. As there is a higher pressure, more oxygen gets dissolved in the liquid portion of the blood. The advantage of the process is that this liquid portion can deliver oxygen in very high amounts to the major tissues of the body. The quantity of oxygen supplied is more than enough to keep a patient fit without any hemoglobin. This therapy is also well known as Life without Blood.

Medical experts have observed that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very much effective in certain areas of treatment. They can treat wounds quite well by supplying more oxygen to the wounded portion of the body as those portions are supposed to have bad blood supply. It also works very well in treatment of injured tissues which remains swollen in the process. If a person has some serious wounds or injury in areas like bone, brain, soft tissues, spinal cord, liver, heart, etc, it can be very well cured by the HBOT method.

HBOT can be used for treatment in both emergency cases and chronic diseases. The emergency cases include sickness from decompression, air embolism, injuries from burns, brain abscesses, loss of vision without any notice, etc. If the case is an emergency one, hyperbaric oxygen therapy must be applied quite soon after the injury takes place.

In case of chronic diseases, hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps to grow new tissues in the areas of the body which are damaged. By releasing repair and growth hormones, these chronic diseases can be repaired in the body and the patient will start feeling fit after taking a few diseases of this oxygen therapy.

The chronic diseases include wounds from radiation, chronic infections in the bone and it can be any other non healing wounds. These non healing wounds can be foot wounds from diabetes or from blood vessel inflammation, etc. It may also occur from rheumatoid arthritis and may be from any other auto immune conditions. HBOT helps to cure all these vessels with the growth of tiny new blood vessels.

HBOT can be given in chambers which are for single persons and they are known as monoplace chambers. This oxygen therapy can also be given in chambers which can accommodate more than one patient and that is known as multi-place chamber. The therapy can be taken in hospitals and also in the clinics.

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment that uses a pressure chamber to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. The air pressure inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is 2.5 times greater than the normal pressure in the atmosphere. This added pressure helps your blood carry more oxygen to organs and tissues in your body. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to treat many health conditions including: bone infections, skin grafts, wounds, radiation injury, decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, brain or sinus infections and much more.

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