Hyperbaric Research and Treatment Centers

Hyperbaric Research and Treatment Centers (HRTC) specializes in assisting hospitals with the development of Wound Care and/or Hyperbaric Medicine Programs.

Over recent years hospitals have shown significant interest in wound healing programs. It has been recognized that the effective case management of wounds can obtain significant reductions in the cost of care. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy plays an important adjunctive role in resolving problem wounds. Hospital administrators have found that wound healing programs and hyperbaric medicine departments have been effective in attracting patients from competing hospitals and creating demand for other hospital services.

HRTC utilizes its years of operational and managerial experience to provide the key components necessary for the successful implementation of a hyperbaric medicine and/or wound care program. From initial site selection to ongoing clinical and medical support, HRTC provides expert guidance. Contracts range from Consulting Services to Comprehensive Program Management.

Based on the need of the individual hospital, the comprehensive package of services can include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in hyperbaric chamber and associated equipment selection, purchase and installation.
  • Assistance with space planning of the hyperbaric site.
  • All policies, procedures, treatment protocols, forms
  • A software database program for clinical tracking.
  • Twenty-four (24) hour clinical and medical case management and techinical support.
  • In service training session for Hospital’s hyperbaric and wound care personnel in the operation of their facility.
  • Assistance with recruitment of the Medical Director and physician staff.
  • Assistance with recruitment of clinical staff.
  • Facilitate the necessary hyperbaric training for the clinical staff at a nationally accredited program, as required.
  • Facilitate the necessary hyperbaric training for the medical staff at a nationally accredited program, as required. Physicians will be trained to the level of “Consulting Hyperbaric Physician”.
  • Provide a detailed Implementation Plan.
  • Provide education and marketing support.
  • Provide reimbursement/billing support.