A Wide Range of Conditions Respond to Hyperbarics

Decompression Illness Cured with Hyperbaric Oxygen

HBOT is the treatment of choice for divers suffering from decompression illness due to the “Bends” or air embolism.

Circulatory Problems Improved with Hyperbaric Therapy

Although not a replacement for reestablishing blood flow in the large blood vessels to parts of the body which are not normal, HBOT can get oxygen to areas deprived of this necessary element by dissolving oxygen in the plasma and tissues. Some people have had the death of tissues or gangrene prevented by HBOT and others have been spared amputation saving toes or feet.

Bone and soft tissue infections controlled with Hyperbarics

Some bacteria are actually killed by HBOT and thus certain infections have been cured with HBOT. Lives have been saved when threatened by so called “flesh eating bacteria.” Osteomyelitis or infection in the bone is difficult for doctors to treat and frequently requires prolonged antibiotic use. HBOT can help cure these difficult infections.

Gas Gangrene Reversed with Hyperbaric Oxygen

HBOT can be life saving in gangrene-a condition where the tissues die or are severely damaged.

Poisonings Respond To Hyperbarics

HBOT has saved the lives of fire victims and fire fighters suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, methemoglobinemia and other poisonings may be helped by HBOT.

Spider Bites

Recluse spider bites and other serious insect bites have been helped by HBOT.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Brain Injuries

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the remedial use of oxygen at a certain level which is higher than atmospheric pressure.
This therapy has become very popular in last 50 years which is mainly practiced to cure any type of injuries, be it a new or old one regardless of the position in the body. New injuries like infections due to “flesh eating bacteria” or wounds whether they are on leg, groin, torso, or neck everything can be cured with this amazing treatment procedure. It can even heal gas gangrene, crush injuries as well as blast wounds due to explosions not considering the place of the injury.

Those who are suffering from severe burns can go for this Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Many people prefer HBOT to cure old wounds which were caused by infection in the bones. This is a wonderful solution to get rid of diabetic foot wounds or long-term feet ulcers permanently. Cancer patients are often seen with multiple wounds in their neck, jaw, chest, and abdomen or in other places which appears because of the powerful radiations they go through during cancer treatment.

Each parts of our body are responsive to HBOT treatment. Besides this there are several other areas where this treatment has been proven to be extremely effective solution. This includes “the bends” of the brain, any type of swellings in the brain, air that passes through blood vessels and reaches the brain known as air embolism. The most interesting part of this type of treatment is that you will be reimbursed the expenses by most of the health insurance companies without any difficulty.

Traumatic brain injury is a severe cause of death and physical disability which is rising worldwide. This type of damages occurs when human body faces any type of violent blow or jerk to the head and it collides with the internal part of the skull. If any bullet or solid object penetrates in the skull it can also lead to traumatic brain injury.

If it is a mild traumatic brain injury then it may result in short-term dysfunction of brain cells. But it becomes more serious then traumatic brain injury can cause bruising, damaged tissues, huge blood loss and other substantial damage to the brain which can cause a continuing complications or even death.
So the treatments for these types of serious Brain Injuries through HBOT has shown millions of people a ray of hope by reducing swelling in brain, repairing the metabolic injury in the brain cells as well as cable. It also prevents the inflammation in case of severe brain injuries with just a few sessions in first 72 hours after the damage. It is perhaps the only remedy known to cure the harsh injuries. Once the vicious neurological condition of the patient is restored he will survive.

You may not even believe it, but autism can be cured with the help of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as well. Once upon a time, autism used to be considered as another type of brain injury. For many years people used to believe autism can never be cured. But in the year 1996 for the first time in New Orleans an autistic children was cured of it with HBOT and he was found to respond to the treatment just like TBI, MS, stroke, and other injury patients.

Afterward, many patients with similar problems have been found to be treated over the next 14 years. An amazing fact regarding autistic children is that they are very much sensitive to HBOT. When they were given different doses of the remedy, it showed significant changes among the autistic children. Most probably this was because of the major contribution of swelling to autism and the result of HBOT on it. Many studies have demonstrated that HBOT is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory drugs.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works well in case of autism since it is able to suppress the inflammation at the place of the wound. After taking a few therapies one can see that the inflammation will vanish. But it is always advisable to start the HBOT soon after the injury has taken place. If the inflammation from the injury reaches to a great level, then the patient may have to take more sessions to complete the treatment. If the wound becomes more than six months to one year old, then the HBOT treatment may not work. Past records show that a large number of brain injuries have been treated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy and many people have benefited from it.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Wound Healing

Chronic wounds heal faster with hyperbarics

Some people develop sores or wounds that just won’t heal. This may be due to low oxygen in damaged tissues. HBOT restores the body’s ability to heal the wound by increasing oxygen to the area.

HBOT Speeds Up The Healing Process in Smokers

People who smoke do not heal as well as non smokers. HBOT can help smokers undergoing some types of surgeries such as cosmetic surgery heal more normally.

Burn Victims Improve With Hyperbaric Oxygen

HBOT has been used for years to speed up healing in burn victims. It is also beneficial for patients with smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Diabetic Ulcers Heal Faster With Hyperbaric Oxygen

Diabetes is a disease that affects the small blood vessels in the tissues which results in wounds or ulcers that may last months to years. These wounds often develop from incidental injuries to the body and may become infected which can spread to the deeper tissues and the bones and may even require amputation. HBOT can help heal these wounds frequently without surgery.

Damaged Tissues from Cancer Therapy Improve with Hyperbaric Oxygen

HBOT can restore tissues and cells damaged from chemotherapy and radiation treatments in cancer patients. Head, neck and other cancer treatments that damage the jaw bone may require HBOT to restore the tissues. Side effects of cancer therapy may cause damage to the bladder (hemorrhagic cystitis), damage to the intestines (radiation enteritis) and other conditions that may be improved by HBOT. Breast cancer patients undergoing reconstruction may need HBOT to allow radiation damaged tissues to heal.