Oxygen or Ozone Therapy

Oxygen or ozone therapy is a medical practice by which ozone, hydrogen peroxide or oxygen is put into the body to kill the micro-organisms. The medium used in the process is either water or gas and the basic intention is to improve the cellular function of the different muscles of the body. In the process, the damaged tissues will also get healed up and the healthy cells will remain in the body and can multiply more easily. If the tissues are loaded with high level of oxygen, the viruses and bacteria will get killed and the defective tissues will also not exist any more. If a person takes oxygen or ozone therapy it can be seen that the immune system of the person increases to a great extent.

Medical experts have suggested that ozone is very important to the human body. It is a form of oxygen and is a form of toxic gas which can help in formation of free radicals and these radicals do just the opposite function of antioxidant vitamins. In the process, ozone can deactivate many foreign bacteria and viruses in the human body.

Oxygen therapy was first used in 1879 and ozone therapy was first used to treat patients in the year 1915. Since 1950, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has started becoming popular. By this method, oxygen is supplied to the human body at a pressure more than the air pressure. Ozone treatment was widely used by the Germans during the war to treat the wounds of the patients.
You will be amazed to know that there are many benefits of ozone and oxygen therapies on the human body. First, it will stimulate the production of white blood cells in the body. The combination of ozone and hydrogen peroxide will kill the viruses in the body. As the viruses get killed, the body will be relieved of many diseases in the long run. Since the process involves supply of purest oxygen to the body, there is a tremendous improvement in the supply of oxygen from the blood stream to the various muscles and hence tissues of the body.

This method of oxygen and ozone therapy can help a lot in fighting the body against cancer and many other infections. In fact, this therapy was first used by the German doctors for the treatment of cancer patients only. Once a patient takes this therapy, the production of interferon and tumor necrosis factor increases in the body and it really helps the body in fighting of cancer.

The list of benefits of oxygen and ozone therapy does not end here. It improves the efficiency of antioxidant enzymes in the body and once the body starts getting more efficient antioxidants, many chronic diseases move out of the body. Moreover, the efficiency and flexibility of the membranes of the red blood cells increases to a great extent after taking a few doses of this therapy.

Oxygen and ozone therapy improves the citric acid cycle of the body. If this cycle improves, the basic metabolism of the body is expected to increase to a great extent. Another popular oxygen therapy is known as Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. This therapy, known as HBOT in short is being used for a long time, but it was made more popular by pop superstar Michael Jackson. HBOT is performed by keeping the person in a closed chamber. The pressure in the chamber is increased and then pure oxygen is delivered. We breathe the oxygen through our lungs and it gets dissolved in the blood to get distributed in the body.

If we take hyperbaric oxygen, our body gets exposed to 100 to 300% of pure oxygen and it is almost 15 times the oxygen that we have in our air. Since the oxygen is supplied at a higher pressure hemoglobin gets quickly saturated with the supplied oxygen. As there is a higher pressure, more oxygen gets dissolved in the liquid portion of the blood. The advantage of the process is that this liquid portion can deliver oxygen in very high amounts to the major tissues of the body. The quantity of oxygen supplied is more than enough to keep a patient fit without any hemoglobin. This therapy is also well known as Life without Blood.

Medical experts have observed that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very much effective in certain areas of treatment. They can treat wounds quite well by supplying more oxygen to the wounded portion of the body as those portions are supposed to have bad blood supply. It also works very well in treatment of injured tissues which remains swollen in the process. If a person has some serious wounds or injury in areas like bone, brain, soft tissues, spinal cord, liver, heart, etc, it can be very well cured by the HBOT method.

HBOT can be used for treatment in both emergency cases and chronic diseases. The emergency cases include sickness from decompression, air embolism, injuries from burns, brain abscesses, loss of vision without any notice, etc. If the case is an emergency one, hyperbaric oxygen therapy must be applied quite soon after the injury takes place.

In case of chronic diseases, hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps to grow new tissues in the areas of the body which are damaged. By releasing repair and growth hormones, these chronic diseases can be repaired in the body and the patient will start feeling fit after taking a few diseases of this oxygen therapy.

The chronic diseases include wounds from radiation, chronic infections in the bone and it can be any other non healing wounds. These non healing wounds can be foot wounds from diabetes or from blood vessel inflammation, etc. It may also occur from rheumatoid arthritis and may be from any other auto immune conditions. HBOT helps to cure all these vessels with the growth of tiny new blood vessels.

HBOT can be given in chambers which are for single persons and they are known as monoplace chambers. This oxygen therapy can also be given in chambers which can accommodate more than one patient and that is known as multi-place chamber. The therapy can be taken in hospitals and also in the clinics.

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