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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – medical hope or hot air

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a type of treatment by which pure oxygen is supplied to the body at a pressure which is higher than the normal one. This therapy seemed to do wonders in patients who have been suffering from some form of brain damage. Many cases have being reported which shows children or kids suffering from cerebral palsy or any form of brain damage getting cured after taking few doses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The children were found to be walking or talking normally after some time.

Though hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been widely used in fast healing of wounds, many people have raised doubt about its effectiveness in treatment of neurological diseases. Some portion of the medical fraternity still feels that the therapy is a foolish concept and people unnecessarily spend money behind this therapy which has got no scientific medical base.

A woman named Julie Gordon has stated that her daughter was brain damaged from the time of birth and used to walk and behave like a toddler till she was 25 years old. After receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy she started improving and her autistic behavior went on to be missing.

She says that she has also seen more similar cases where children have been cured of rare neurological diseases like a 6 year old walking after taking few therapy treatments. Parents of those children have formed the International Hyperbaric Medical Association to propagate that it is a genuine therapy, but not a hot air to earn some fast money and then vanish.

Even some insurance companies were not willing to cover the treatment at one point of time. Parents of the benefited children decided to go to the court and the judiciary gave the verdict in their favor. A law has been enacted in Texas which states that hyperbaric oxygen therapy applied on children has to be covered by the insurance companies. Son of an Oklahoma Congressman got immense benefits after taking the therapy and after that, he has started pushing the matter up to the federal level.
Seeing the rise in demand, many small centers have started coming up in different parts of the country and they claim to give the therapy quite well. But in actual reality, if the oxygen is not given at the designated pressure, it may cause harm to the patient. This sudden springing up of centers has become an area of concern for the mainstream therapy people at large. There are around 500 centers for hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the country right now and more are lined up to open.

To see the improvement in a person, at least 20 sessions are required and each session is supposed to cost $100 to $200 per hour. In most cases, discounts are given for multiple sessions. If the case is found to be serious, about 100 sessions may be required for the treatment.

Medical experts who are against this therapy is of the opinion that the therapy works only for those who have got some problems from excess carbon dioxide in the body. The consequences are basically lung problems and patients who suffer from emphysema, respiratory problems or any sort of heart disease can be treated with more supply of oxygen in their body.
Some medical cases are so complicated that it is impossible for them to diagnose the exact effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on them. They also state that many people have continued to suffer for years and then died since the carbon dioxide from the body was not removed.

From listening to both the views, it is quite evident that both have got their school of thought to believe. The failure of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not exactly the methodology, but the persons behind it. Though some people claim that they are expert in giving hyperbaric oxygen therapy, but in real life it can be seen that not all of them are experts in the field. Oxygen therapy can be given to the patients in a wide variety of ways and one must know that quite efficiently.

Actually, experts say that if liquid oxygen is injected in a particular way into the body, then the oxygen can go inside the body quite fast and effectively. Some kits are also available in the market which helps the patient to take the therapy on their own. If the patient is not efficient enough to do the therapy, then it may cause adverse effect on the health. If taken in the hands of an expert, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is bound to do wonders.