More Medical Conditions Being Treated With Hyperbarics

Migraine and cluster headaches

Several different researchers have found HBOT helpful in treating cluster and migraine headaches. HBOT has shown promise in decreasing the severity and frequency of certain headaches.

Sports and soft tissue injuries

Some research suggests that the reduction of swelling or edema effect of HBOT may be helpful in sports injuries. Some of the professional NFL, NHL, NBA teams use hyperbaric chambers in the training rooms to assist athletes in “getting back into the game” quickly.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This disease has been very frustrating for doctors to treat and HBOT is being considered as a possible treatment for this illness.

Lyme Disease

The chronic manifestations of Lyme disease include arthritis and neurologic impairment. HBOT is being utilized for these symptoms and will hopefully provide some benefit.

Lupus and other connective diseases

There is growing interest in the use of HBOT in a variety of rheumatologic conditions.

Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

HBOT is being used in a variety of neurologic disorders. Several centers in this country routinely treat stroke victims and others with head injuries. Brain scans have been shown to change after HBOT and this has lead to the hope that brain damage can be helped. At least one multi center trial is under way examining the use of HBOT in acute stroke patients.

Cerebral Palsy

Anecdotal evidence from Canada and elsewhere raise hope that HBOT may improve neurologic function in this group of patients.

A Wide Range of Conditions Respond to Hyperbarics

Decompression Illness Cured with Hyperbaric Oxygen

HBOT is the treatment of choice for divers suffering from decompression illness due to the “Bends” or air embolism.

Circulatory Problems Improved with Hyperbaric Therapy

Although not a replacement for reestablishing blood flow in the large blood vessels to parts of the body which are not normal, HBOT can get oxygen to areas deprived of this necessary element by dissolving oxygen in the plasma and tissues. Some people have had the death of tissues or gangrene prevented by HBOT and others have been spared amputation saving toes or feet.

Bone and soft tissue infections controlled with Hyperbarics

Some bacteria are actually killed by HBOT and thus certain infections have been cured with HBOT. Lives have been saved when threatened by so called “flesh eating bacteria.” Osteomyelitis or infection in the bone is difficult for doctors to treat and frequently requires prolonged antibiotic use. HBOT can help cure these difficult infections.

Gas Gangrene Reversed with Hyperbaric Oxygen

HBOT can be life saving in gangrene-a condition where the tissues die or are severely damaged.

Poisonings Respond To Hyperbarics

HBOT has saved the lives of fire victims and fire fighters suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, methemoglobinemia and other poisonings may be helped by HBOT.

Spider Bites

Recluse spider bites and other serious insect bites have been helped by HBOT.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Brain Injuries

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the remedial use of oxygen at a certain level which is higher than atmospheric pressure.
This therapy has become very popular in last 50 years which is mainly practiced to cure any type of injuries, be it a new or old one regardless of the position in the body. New injuries like infections due to “flesh eating bacteria” or wounds whether they are on leg, groin, torso, or neck everything can be cured with this amazing treatment procedure. It can even heal gas gangrene, crush injuries as well as blast wounds due to explosions not considering the place of the injury.

Those who are suffering from severe burns can go for this Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Many people prefer HBOT to cure old wounds which were caused by infection in the bones. This is a wonderful solution to get rid of diabetic foot wounds or long-term feet ulcers permanently. Cancer patients are often seen with multiple wounds in their neck, jaw, chest, and abdomen or in other places which appears because of the powerful radiations they go through during cancer treatment.

Each parts of our body are responsive to HBOT treatment. Besides this there are several other areas where this treatment has been proven to be extremely effective solution. This includes “the bends” of the brain, any type of swellings in the brain, air that passes through blood vessels and reaches the brain known as air embolism. The most interesting part of this type of treatment is that you will be reimbursed the expenses by most of the health insurance companies without any difficulty.

Traumatic brain injury is a severe cause of death and physical disability which is rising worldwide. This type of damages occurs when human body faces any type of violent blow or jerk to the head and it collides with the internal part of the skull. If any bullet or solid object penetrates in the skull it can also lead to traumatic brain injury.

If it is a mild traumatic brain injury then it may result in short-term dysfunction of brain cells. But it becomes more serious then traumatic brain injury can cause bruising, damaged tissues, huge blood loss and other substantial damage to the brain which can cause a continuing complications or even death.
So the treatments for these types of serious Brain Injuries through HBOT has shown millions of people a ray of hope by reducing swelling in brain, repairing the metabolic injury in the brain cells as well as cable. It also prevents the inflammation in case of severe brain injuries with just a few sessions in first 72 hours after the damage. It is perhaps the only remedy known to cure the harsh injuries. Once the vicious neurological condition of the patient is restored he will survive.

You may not even believe it, but autism can be cured with the help of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as well. Once upon a time, autism used to be considered as another type of brain injury. For many years people used to believe autism can never be cured. But in the year 1996 for the first time in New Orleans an autistic children was cured of it with HBOT and he was found to respond to the treatment just like TBI, MS, stroke, and other injury patients.

Afterward, many patients with similar problems have been found to be treated over the next 14 years. An amazing fact regarding autistic children is that they are very much sensitive to HBOT. When they were given different doses of the remedy, it showed significant changes among the autistic children. Most probably this was because of the major contribution of swelling to autism and the result of HBOT on it. Many studies have demonstrated that HBOT is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory drugs.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works well in case of autism since it is able to suppress the inflammation at the place of the wound. After taking a few therapies one can see that the inflammation will vanish. But it is always advisable to start the HBOT soon after the injury has taken place. If the inflammation from the injury reaches to a great level, then the patient may have to take more sessions to complete the treatment. If the wound becomes more than six months to one year old, then the HBOT treatment may not work. Past records show that a large number of brain injuries have been treated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy and many people have benefited from it.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Wound Healing

Chronic wounds heal faster with hyperbarics

Some people develop sores or wounds that just won’t heal. This may be due to low oxygen in damaged tissues. HBOT restores the body’s ability to heal the wound by increasing oxygen to the area.

HBOT Speeds Up The Healing Process in Smokers

People who smoke do not heal as well as non smokers. HBOT can help smokers undergoing some types of surgeries such as cosmetic surgery heal more normally.

Burn Victims Improve With Hyperbaric Oxygen

HBOT has been used for years to speed up healing in burn victims. It is also beneficial for patients with smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Diabetic Ulcers Heal Faster With Hyperbaric Oxygen

Diabetes is a disease that affects the small blood vessels in the tissues which results in wounds or ulcers that may last months to years. These wounds often develop from incidental injuries to the body and may become infected which can spread to the deeper tissues and the bones and may even require amputation. HBOT can help heal these wounds frequently without surgery.

Damaged Tissues from Cancer Therapy Improve with Hyperbaric Oxygen

HBOT can restore tissues and cells damaged from chemotherapy and radiation treatments in cancer patients. Head, neck and other cancer treatments that damage the jaw bone may require HBOT to restore the tissues. Side effects of cancer therapy may cause damage to the bladder (hemorrhagic cystitis), damage to the intestines (radiation enteritis) and other conditions that may be improved by HBOT. Breast cancer patients undergoing reconstruction may need HBOT to allow radiation damaged tissues to heal.

Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Right For You

You may already be familiar with Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for treating scuba divers with the “bends”. Relax. You can breathe easier. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is not just for scuba divers. Did you know that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has many other important medical uses?

Such uses are speeding up healing, helping problem wounds heal faster, fighting life threatening infections, saving amputations in people with circulatory problems and many more.

We will provide you with useful information about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, answer your questions and help you determine if Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is for you. 

Is Hyperbaric Therapy Right For You Or A Family Member?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment in which a patient breathes 100% oxygen while the pressure of the treatment chamber is slowly increased above atmospheric pressure. It has been known for years that healing cannot take place without appropriate oxygen levels in the tissues. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides oxygen to damaged tissues and allows the body’s natural healing process to take over.

Oxygen or Ozone Therapy

Oxygen or ozone therapy is a medical practice by which ozone, hydrogen peroxide or oxygen is put into the body to kill the micro-organisms. The medium used in the process is either water or gas and the basic intention is to improve the cellular function of the different muscles of the body. In the process, the damaged tissues will also get healed up and the healthy cells will remain in the body and can multiply more easily. If the tissues are loaded with high level of oxygen, the viruses and bacteria will get killed and the defective tissues will also not exist any more. If a person takes oxygen or ozone therapy it can be seen that the immune system of the person increases to a great extent.

Medical experts have suggested that ozone is very important to the human body. It is a form of oxygen and is a form of toxic gas which can help in formation of free radicals and these radicals do just the opposite function of antioxidant vitamins. In the process, ozone can deactivate many foreign bacteria and viruses in the human body.

Oxygen therapy was first used in 1879 and ozone therapy was first used to treat patients in the year 1915. Since 1950, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has started becoming popular. By this method, oxygen is supplied to the human body at a pressure more than the air pressure. Ozone treatment was widely used by the Germans during the war to treat the wounds of the patients.
You will be amazed to know that there are many benefits of ozone and oxygen therapies on the human body. First, it will stimulate the production of white blood cells in the body. The combination of ozone and hydrogen peroxide will kill the viruses in the body. As the viruses get killed, the body will be relieved of many diseases in the long run. Since the process involves supply of purest oxygen to the body, there is a tremendous improvement in the supply of oxygen from the blood stream to the various muscles and hence tissues of the body.

This method of oxygen and ozone therapy can help a lot in fighting the body against cancer and many other infections. In fact, this therapy was first used by the German doctors for the treatment of cancer patients only. Once a patient takes this therapy, the production of interferon and tumor necrosis factor increases in the body and it really helps the body in fighting of cancer.

The list of benefits of oxygen and ozone therapy does not end here. It improves the efficiency of antioxidant enzymes in the body and once the body starts getting more efficient antioxidants, many chronic diseases move out of the body. Moreover, the efficiency and flexibility of the membranes of the red blood cells increases to a great extent after taking a few doses of this therapy.

Oxygen and ozone therapy improves the citric acid cycle of the body. If this cycle improves, the basic metabolism of the body is expected to increase to a great extent. Another popular oxygen therapy is known as Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. This therapy, known as HBOT in short is being used for a long time, but it was made more popular by pop superstar Michael Jackson. HBOT is performed by keeping the person in a closed chamber. The pressure in the chamber is increased and then pure oxygen is delivered. We breathe the oxygen through our lungs and it gets dissolved in the blood to get distributed in the body.

If we take hyperbaric oxygen, our body gets exposed to 100 to 300% of pure oxygen and it is almost 15 times the oxygen that we have in our air. Since the oxygen is supplied at a higher pressure hemoglobin gets quickly saturated with the supplied oxygen. As there is a higher pressure, more oxygen gets dissolved in the liquid portion of the blood. The advantage of the process is that this liquid portion can deliver oxygen in very high amounts to the major tissues of the body. The quantity of oxygen supplied is more than enough to keep a patient fit without any hemoglobin. This therapy is also well known as Life without Blood.

Medical experts have observed that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very much effective in certain areas of treatment. They can treat wounds quite well by supplying more oxygen to the wounded portion of the body as those portions are supposed to have bad blood supply. It also works very well in treatment of injured tissues which remains swollen in the process. If a person has some serious wounds or injury in areas like bone, brain, soft tissues, spinal cord, liver, heart, etc, it can be very well cured by the HBOT method.

HBOT can be used for treatment in both emergency cases and chronic diseases. The emergency cases include sickness from decompression, air embolism, injuries from burns, brain abscesses, loss of vision without any notice, etc. If the case is an emergency one, hyperbaric oxygen therapy must be applied quite soon after the injury takes place.

In case of chronic diseases, hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps to grow new tissues in the areas of the body which are damaged. By releasing repair and growth hormones, these chronic diseases can be repaired in the body and the patient will start feeling fit after taking a few diseases of this oxygen therapy.

The chronic diseases include wounds from radiation, chronic infections in the bone and it can be any other non healing wounds. These non healing wounds can be foot wounds from diabetes or from blood vessel inflammation, etc. It may also occur from rheumatoid arthritis and may be from any other auto immune conditions. HBOT helps to cure all these vessels with the growth of tiny new blood vessels.

HBOT can be given in chambers which are for single persons and they are known as monoplace chambers. This oxygen therapy can also be given in chambers which can accommodate more than one patient and that is known as multi-place chamber. The therapy can be taken in hospitals and also in the clinics.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – medical hope or hot air

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a type of treatment by which pure oxygen is supplied to the body at a pressure which is higher than the normal one. This therapy seemed to do wonders in patients who have been suffering from some form of brain damage. Many cases have being reported which shows children or kids suffering from cerebral palsy or any form of brain damage getting cured after taking few doses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The children were found to be walking or talking normally after some time.

Though hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been widely used in fast healing of wounds, many people have raised doubt about its effectiveness in treatment of neurological diseases. Some portion of the medical fraternity still feels that the therapy is a foolish concept and people unnecessarily spend money behind this therapy which has got no scientific medical base.

A woman named Julie Gordon has stated that her daughter was brain damaged from the time of birth and used to walk and behave like a toddler till she was 25 years old. After receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy she started improving and her autistic behavior went on to be missing.

She says that she has also seen more similar cases where children have been cured of rare neurological diseases like a 6 year old walking after taking few therapy treatments. Parents of those children have formed the International Hyperbaric Medical Association to propagate that it is a genuine therapy, but not a hot air to earn some fast money and then vanish.

Even some insurance companies were not willing to cover the treatment at one point of time. Parents of the benefited children decided to go to the court and the judiciary gave the verdict in their favor. A law has been enacted in Texas which states that hyperbaric oxygen therapy applied on children has to be covered by the insurance companies. Son of an Oklahoma Congressman got immense benefits after taking the therapy and after that, he has started pushing the matter up to the federal level.
Seeing the rise in demand, many small centers have started coming up in different parts of the country and they claim to give the therapy quite well. But in actual reality, if the oxygen is not given at the designated pressure, it may cause harm to the patient. This sudden springing up of centers has become an area of concern for the mainstream therapy people at large. There are around 500 centers for hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the country right now and more are lined up to open.

To see the improvement in a person, at least 20 sessions are required and each session is supposed to cost $100 to $200 per hour. In most cases, discounts are given for multiple sessions. If the case is found to be serious, about 100 sessions may be required for the treatment.

Medical experts who are against this therapy is of the opinion that the therapy works only for those who have got some problems from excess carbon dioxide in the body. The consequences are basically lung problems and patients who suffer from emphysema, respiratory problems or any sort of heart disease can be treated with more supply of oxygen in their body.
Some medical cases are so complicated that it is impossible for them to diagnose the exact effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on them. They also state that many people have continued to suffer for years and then died since the carbon dioxide from the body was not removed.

From listening to both the views, it is quite evident that both have got their school of thought to believe. The failure of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not exactly the methodology, but the persons behind it. Though some people claim that they are expert in giving hyperbaric oxygen therapy, but in real life it can be seen that not all of them are experts in the field. Oxygen therapy can be given to the patients in a wide variety of ways and one must know that quite efficiently.

Actually, experts say that if liquid oxygen is injected in a particular way into the body, then the oxygen can go inside the body quite fast and effectively. Some kits are also available in the market which helps the patient to take the therapy on their own. If the patient is not efficient enough to do the therapy, then it may cause adverse effect on the health. If taken in the hands of an expert, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is bound to do wonders.

Hyperbaric Rx

Hyperbaric Rx Hyberbaric Rx is a Cosmetic Surgery and Hyperbaric  Therapy clinic with locations planned in Beverly Hills California and Las Vegas Nevada. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment that uses a pressure chamber to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. The air pressure inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is 2.5 times greater than the normal pressure in the atmosphere. This added pressure helps your blood carry more oxygen to organs and tissues in your body. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to treat many health conditions including: bone infections, skin grafts, wounds, radiation injury, decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, brain or sinus infections and much more.

Hyperbaric Research and Treatment Centers

Hyperbaric Research and Treatment Centers (HRTC) specializes in assisting hospitals with the development of Wound Care and/or Hyperbaric Medicine Programs.

Over recent years hospitals have shown significant interest in wound healing programs. It has been recognized that the effective case management of wounds can obtain significant reductions in the cost of care. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy plays an important adjunctive role in resolving problem wounds. Hospital administrators have found that wound healing programs and hyperbaric medicine departments have been effective in attracting patients from competing hospitals and creating demand for other hospital services.

HRTC utilizes its years of operational and managerial experience to provide the key components necessary for the successful implementation of a hyperbaric medicine and/or wound care program. From initial site selection to ongoing clinical and medical support, HRTC provides expert guidance. Contracts range from Consulting Services to Comprehensive Program Management.

Based on the need of the individual hospital, the comprehensive package of services can include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in hyperbaric chamber and associated equipment selection, purchase and installation.
  • Assistance with space planning of the hyperbaric site.
  • All policies, procedures, treatment protocols, forms
  • A software database program for clinical tracking.
  • Twenty-four (24) hour clinical and medical case management and techinical support.
  • In service training session for Hospital’s hyperbaric and wound care personnel in the operation of their facility.
  • Assistance with recruitment of the Medical Director and physician staff.
  • Assistance with recruitment of clinical staff.
  • Facilitate the necessary hyperbaric training for the clinical staff at a nationally accredited program, as required.
  • Facilitate the necessary hyperbaric training for the medical staff at a nationally accredited program, as required. Physicians will be trained to the level of “Consulting Hyperbaric Physician”.
  • Provide a detailed Implementation Plan.
  • Provide education and marketing support.
  • Provide reimbursement/billing support.